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My story.

Passionate about people, I think that is the best way to describe what I do and why I do it. Over what seems a lifetime already, I have grown from national and international companies to where I am today, doing what I love most: helping people understand people on the work floor.

With a passion for equality and a mission to create change, I started my own journey as Diversity and Inclusion Consultant & Intercultural Coach in 2018. My journey began with a deeply held belief that a society where all voices are heard is a more resilient and richer society. With an academic and professional background in tourism and HR, I combine my academic knowledge with practical insights to develop customized strategies that help organizations build inclusive workplaces. In a world where everyone is recognized and valued, I am committed to guiding organizations on the path to an inclusive culture where diversity is embraced as a strength.

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to results and the individuals I mentor. I believe in the power of dialogue, empathy and education to build bridges between different backgrounds and perspectives. 

With infectious energy and an empathetic approach, I create a safe space where candid conversations can take place and people are encouraged to speak up.

My mission is clear: work with you to create an inclusive work environment where everyone, regardless of background, feels welcome and can develop. Together we will break down barriers, address prejudices and build a culture where respect and understanding are central.

Ready to walk the road to diversity and inclusion together? Let’s initiate change, one step at a time, and build a world where every individual is celebrated for who they are. I look forward to supporting you and your organization on this exciting journey to inclusive excellence.





Ilse Janssenswillen


  • “With great respect for and understanding of the culture, possibilities, interests, talents and needs of both parties, Ilse seeks to create spaces where employees and employers can flourish together in a safe working environment. During the past 2 years, she inspired me to give multiple non-native employees an opportunity in my team, for which I am very grateful. Ilse combines enthusiasm and passion for people with realism to make things happen. She’s well-prepared and continuously supported both the employees and myself as employer. An extremely professional matchmaker.”

    Niels Dewil
    Customer & Operational Insights Manager - Luminus
  • “I got to know Ilse as an enthousiastic collaborator. She puts a tremendous amount of energy in bringing people together and is very driven in working with non-natives who are searching hard in finding their way on the Belgian job market. Through her broad network and her excellent coaching abilities, Ilse is always able in giving that non-native on the search a clearer view and better understanding of the possibilities.
    Also in her follow ups, Ilse doesn’t drop the proverbial ball!
    This is precise custimization tailored to the non-native and companies from A to Z!”

    Kirsten Janssens
    HR generalist & adviser - VoKa - Kamer van Koophandel Limburg
  • “A true recommandation for collaboration: sincere, proactive and above all, committed! Authenticity at its best!”

    Els Pierson
    Team coordinator Equal Opportunities - Stad Hasselt
  • “I had the great pleasure of working with Ilse in the HOA@Work-project. She is the greatest mentor. Always constructive feedback to share, supported me the entire time and can motivate people in their most uncertain moments of their life. Not only is she extremely professional and result driven, but she is also very personable. Her engagement with people from different cultures and backgrounds is impressive. Ilse would be a great asset for any organization that wants to understand and help their people evolve in their role.”

    Rezan Dalemans
    Human Resources - Polyvision
  • “Ilse is a real professional! She is involved in what she does with passion. She is a very good guide and her advice will help you in ways that she always knows how to get the best out of you. Ilse is the best mentor for me and I will always ask for her advice if necessary.”

    Florin Bothaza
    Licenta - Facultatea de Drept si Sociologie
  • “Clever, cheerful lady who detects obstacles and sore points very quickly and also immediately proposes solutions. Excellent!”

    Eef Jansen
    Business owner - Elcado


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