Belgium and you: want to know the differences between your culture and the Belgian (work)culture?

Individual CULTUREcoaching

We get personal in 3 online sessions and delve deep in the cultural differences with the intent to anticipate and counter certain other ways of communication and doing things.

Session 1 will be about training your cultural awareness, meaning exploring your ‘old’ and ‘new’ (work)environment: differences and similarities, your likes and dislikes, …. . This will result in your ‘cultural passport’.

In session 2 we’ll look at Belgium’s ins and outs: talking specific things about Belgium, based on what you want to know. This can be on a personal or professional level, whatever you desire.

Session 3, your network will be explored because knowing people and people knowing you is often the key! It’s all about networking in this new, strange environment you are in right now. Who do you need in your (close) network to achieve your (new) goals? And where can you find these people? And if found: how to approach them? Together we’ll answer these questions so you can step up to the plate at the end of course.

Some practicalities

Every session takes about 1,5 hour.

No need to hop in your car of take the bus, as the sessions are online. All you need is a computer or tablet and a steady internet connection.

This coaching provides you with lots of insides from Belgium, its local culture and its job market culture. Since I am a ‘local’, I guess you can ask me whatever you want to know.