Are you looking for a (better) job in Belgium?

Individual JOBcoaching

In 4 online but very personal sessions, we will uncover who you are, what you kind of job you want and delve into what is needed to get that position.

In session 1, we will do a reflection about who you were, are and want to be as a professional. We will be exploring your professional and personal skills towards that new job.

Session 2 is stacking your ‘toolbox’. No doubt you have a resumé (CV) but does it get you lots of invitations for a job interview at this moment? How about a motivation letter to explain why you really want this job?

I’ll provide you with lots of practical tips on how to build your CV and write a convincing motivation letter to get the attention you deserve from the local employers.

It is not always about what you know, but who knows you! Session 3 is all about networking. Let’s get the word out there to companies about who you are, what you are capable of and why they would miss out by not talking to you.

How do you start a local network? Where do you find these interesting companies and job offers?
Together we will explore and find. Than it is up to you to make that difference!

When getting that invitation to a job interview, you have to be prepared. That is what the last session 4 is focusing on. We are going to practise, practise and practise some more! No worries, in our safe space making mistakes is allowed and we will find ways to counter those so you’ll be able to shine on the job interview!

Some practicalities

Every session takes about 1,5 hour.

Exercises and home work will be provided before every session, so we ask a full collaboration from you side. We will schedule the 4 sessions at the start so you can be focused and know the deadlines.

Everything is online. All you need is a computer or tablet and a steady internet connection.
This is a very hands-on and result oriented coaching. Not just theoretical info, but focused on you taking action towards that new job.

We can do these sessions either in Dutch or in English, your choice!